Bodybuilder DEBUNKS Muscle Building Myths | FitnessFAQs Podcast #26 – Geoffrey Verity Schofield

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​@Geoffrey Verity Schofield

Geoffrey Schofield is a bodybuilding expert with over 100,00 followers across social media. He has endless knowledge about natural muscle building. This podcast will help you combine calisthenics and weights to transform your physique the smart way.

00:22 Discovering Calisthenics
02:26 No gym, No problem
03:35 Hypertrophy made simple
05:57 Are strength and size linked?
09:53 Downsides of calisthenics
13:06 Calisthenics & weights
17:03 Technique Vs Effort
21:30 Lighter Weights?
23:59 Injury Lessons
29:16 Bodybuilding Myths
32:22 Best Body Fat %
36:42 Bulking & Calisthenics
39:37 Workout Mistakes
42:14 Self Awareness
44:04 Flaws of Deloading
45:49 Muscle Soreness Important?
47:51 When To Change Exercises?
50:35 Variety The Smart Way

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