Bridge Exercise and Progressions for Back and Shoulders

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The bridge is a great position to work toward because it builds your spinal mobility, opens your shoulders, and stretches your hip flexors, among many other benefits. Especially for those of us who spend too much time sitting at our computers, the thoracic extension will feel niiiiiiice 🙂

Can’t do a bridge? That’s gotta change! Focus on going through the first few movements in this video and slowly, gradually work your way up to a version of the bridge that is comfortable for you.

00:00 – Better shoulder flexibility by bridging
00:19 – The stuff we’re covering. 🙂
00:30 – More stretches here:
00:40 – Thoracic Extension
01:05 – Thoracic Rotation
01:54 – Kneeling Backbend
02:24 – Lunge Twist
02:48 Camel Stretch
03:24 – Quad Stretch
03:49 – Shoulder Bridge
04:18 – Head Bridge
04:49 – ⚠️ The goal isn’t contortion!
05:05 – Low Bridge
05:30 – Full Bridge
05:58 – 🙏 Get notifications:

There’s a million ways to practice this, and I’m sure there’s something in this video that somebody’s yoga teach once said was wrong… and I don’t care 🙂

Training and exercise don’t exist in a vacuum; they have to fit your context. So if you’re working with a teacher who tells you to do it differently, do that – it won’t hurt my feelings at all. I’m teaching this in a general fitness / longevity context. I help regular adults with jobs and families move better and stay uninjured. If you have other specific needs, this might be the wrong approach for you.

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