GMB Elements – Challenging Yourself with Basic Movements

We made our Elements program to address the most important BASIC, fundamental movement patterns that most people neglect or lack in their pursuit of physical performance and health.

The problem is that a lot of people mistake “basic” for easy and assume that the goal is to graduate from them as quickly as possible. That’s completely wrong – just ask any pro athlete how much time they spend practicing free throws or serves or basic passing drills…

I’ve been doing the movements in Elements for over 40 yeas now, and I still return to them all on a weekly basis, at least. I made this video to show you how you can make these basic moves into a very solid workout.

0:00 – Elements is too easy. Maybe.
0:01 – Program details:
0:46 – Starting the session in Praxis
1:08 – Standing Hip Circles
2:25 – Wrist Prep
3:48 – Quadruped Wag Tail
4:40 – Quadruped Spinal Circles
6:05 – Frog Stretch
7:45 – Practice the Bent Arm Bear
14:32 – Practice the Monkey Stall
19:55 – Play with the Twisting Bear to Monkey Combo
26:28 – Push yourself with Bear and Monkey
31:33 – Kneeling Back Flexion to Prone Lying Back Extension
33:49 – Seated Clasped Hands Extension
35:36 – 3 Point Bridge
37:05 – General Kneeling Lunge
38:44 – Rate Your Workout
40:35 – 🙏 Get notifications:

If you think you’re too strong for Elements, you may be right, but you may also just be fooling yourself into avoiding the basics because deep down, you know that you have weaknesses there that will be difficult to fix. Try this workout and really push yourself to make it a challenge.

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