GYM vs BODYWEIGHT: MOST EFFECTIVE Exercises/Alternatives for ARMS

Gym & weight training vs bodyweight/calisthenics; best arm exercises & alternatives (biceps & triceps). Many ask how to train as effectively as possible only using bodyweight. There are many variations & isolations you can do (at different levels), also powerful compound exercises. These can be modified to make them more easy or advanced, so when attempting any exercise make sure to train and adjust to your individual level & experience (& don’t attempt what you can’t manage & control).
This video shows a variety of popular exercises such as bicep curls (hammer & incline etc.), tricep extensions (& push ups), skullcrushers, french press, a variety of compound pull, inverted rows, chin ups, close grip bench press, dips and more. See the video chapters below.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Biceps Exercises
1:43 Biceps COMPOUND Exercises
2:40 Triceps Exercises
4:20 Triceps COMPOUND Exercises

More categorized workouts/muscle groups & workout motivation on the channel.

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