Pick It Up, Put It Down

Life’s better when you have the mobility to be able to bend down, pick things up, and not have to worry about throwing your back out. 🎉

And in terms of healthy longevity the major benefits of being able to move in and out of various positions while squatting down are decreasing risk and severity of falling.

The cool thing is that it’s fairly easy to practice this and there is any number of positions you can explore.

👉 Just grab something to put down on the floor, squat down and place that object on the floor then stand back up.
👉 Squat down again to pick it back up and that’s it. You will probably find that one side is tighter than the other and that’s perfectly normal.
👉 Just continue to explore different ways of squatting down, twisting, and picking that object up off of the floor.

Give it a try!

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