The Dangers of Exercise Dogma | FitnessFAQs Podcast #17 – Red Delta Project

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This video is a discussion between @RedDeltaProject and FitnessFAQs. We discuss the do’s and don’ts of calisthenics. The conversation includes muscle building, strength training, bodyweight skills and much more.

00:41 Discovering Truth
6:00 Dealing with Pressure
11:16 Beginner Mistakes
16:45 Narrow Grip?
20:42 Skinny Athletes?
24:38 Hard Vs Smart Training
32:00 Validity vs Necessity
37:00 Perfect Routine
42:30 Micro Workouts
44:33 How To Progress
49:12 Overcoming Plateaus
53:52 Warm-Ups
56:03 The Cardio Trap
1:00:03 Training As We Age
1:11:07 Avoid Injury
1:12:22 Calisthenics Myths
1:16:51 Train Muscles Or Nervous System?
1:18:27 Isometrics And Muscle
1:21:02 What’s Next?

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