Better Than Pull-Ups?! 😱

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Better Than Pull-Ups?!

Organic resistance is the benefit. Our CNS is challenged overtime thanks to movement variability. No two reps are the same which forges an adaptable body.

There’s no hiding with rope climbing, we have to face the path of most resistance. Thanks to instability, we unlock greater scapula control compared to pull-ups.

Rope climbing builds resilience against injury. The organic movement does wonders for our connective tissues. This corrective exercise reduces imbalances and enhances resilience.

The unique pulling path activates everything in your back and arm muscles. Grip strength will never be a problem after climbing the rope either.

Danger is a good thing. The risk of pulling at height is a scary feeling. This enhances motor unit recruitment and strength gain.

Consider rope climbing for your calisthenics and bodyweight training.

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