Breathing is the Neglected Key to Effective Workouts and Recovery

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Better breathing doesn’t just keep you from getting winded and tiring out. It keeps your nervous system calm and engaged, so you can control your movement and train more efficiently. Nasal breathing is also great for deeper, more restful sleep, which equals faster recovery.

Breath Control = Better Workout + Better Recovery

Our newly updated Respiration and Recovery programs will help improve your workout and recover faster.

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GMB is about getting you stronger and removing the physical restrictions that cause pain and injury. We started in 2010, and we’ve had over 100k clients use our programs, which is just mind-blowingly humbling for us.

Our backgrounds are in various martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, physical therapy, and education, so we focus on sharing detail-oriented tutorials and training in a safe, progressive way that develops your skills systematically over time.


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