COMPLETE FULL BODY WORKOUT AT HOME (Anywhere only using the Floor)

Full body workout you can do at home (follow along) or anywhere with just a small space and no gym equipment (sets & reps included). Many ask; how to do the best possible training when being limited (without equipment, no furniture, not having a big space, even only using the floor etc.).
Here are some effective home workout exercises for the muscles of legs/glutes, chest/shoulders, back, arms & abs/core. Works for basic-intermediate level and also more advanced with modifications and/or less recovery between exercises & rounds.

Workout Example: 2-3 repeated Rounds:

1 Round (as illustrated in Video, approx. 10 Minutes Work)
Work is Non-Stop or (for Example) 20-30s between Exercises.
Round-Pause around 60s – 90s (or no Rest) before repeating.

Plyo Push Ups 8 Reps
Pike Push Ups 8 Reps
Jumping Lunges 12 Reps
Stationary Side Lunge 8 Reps (each Leg)
Floor Lat Press 6 Reps
Prone Cobra Hold 20-40s
Reverse Crunch 8 Reps
Plank Knee Twist 8 Reps (each Side)
Alternating Superman 6 Reps (each Side)

// Mid-Round Pause 60s – 90s (or no Rest)

Archer Push Ups 14 Reps
Walkout Planks 3 Reps
Jumping Squats 10 Reps
Reverse Lunges 10 Reps (Each Leg)
Reverse Elbow Push Ups 8 Reps
Reverse Snow Angel 6 Reps
Glute Bridge 10 Reps
Seated Jack Knife 14 Reps
Reverse Plank Hold 20-40s

// Round Pause 60-90s (or no Rest) before repeating a new Round (2-3 Times Total).

These are general examples and not individual advice.
Only train at your level and capacity. Pause or break any exercise or workout if you need to.
Listen to your body and don’t attempt anything you can’t manage.
Always warm up before working out.

More categorized workouts/muscle groups & workout motivation on the channel.

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