Effective Exercises for Forearms and Grip specific Training. A strong Grip provides more Strength & Capacity of making Gains & Progress. A weak Grip & Forearms can set limits for Several Exercises, where it will be the first Thing to give up (instead of the primary Muscles worked), while a strong Grip will help lifting more Weight and supports in several Exercises. Strength & Stability in the Hands, Wrists, Fingers & Forearms is important in Training for a wide range of Activities, even just to feel stronger and more confident with a solid Grip.

Only train at your level and capacity. All Exercises are not suitable for Everyone. Pause or break any Exercise or Workout if you need to. Listen to your Body and don’t attempt anything you can’t manage.
Always warm up before working out.

Chapters in the Video:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Holding & Pinching
0:45 Hanging & Grip Variations
1:45 Reverse Biceps Curl
2:17 Flexion
2:54 Extension
3:11 Wrist Roller
3:41 Pronation & Supination
4:05 Radial & Ulnar Deviation
4:39 Info & Examples

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