Gym Vs Calisthenics – BICEPS 💪

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✅ BEST Calisthenics Workouts:




This video is all about bicep, comparing gym vs calisthenics exercises. If you want to learn how to get big arms, keep watching.

The pelican curl targets the short head of the bicep, this is our bodyweight bicep blaster. The dumbbell equivalent is the spider curl, a fun and effective movement for growing bicep width.

The biceps can be trained with straight arm exercises such as the back lever. The isometric contraction and moving through shoulder flexion is challenging.

The incline curl targets the long head of biceps. The similar exercise with calisthenics is the pelican curl. This workout will target the long head of biceps and help grow bicep peaks.

If you want to build muscle, follow fitnessfaqs and keep learning.

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