How to Install and Setup Gymnastic Rings Safely and Correctly

Get strong with bodyweight + rings 👉

Been using this same pair for over a decade now, and they are my favorite:

(00:00) – Shameless plug:
(00:09) – Best places to hang gymnastic rings
(00:31) – Protecting your straps so they don’t get worn down
(01:16) – The best way to throw straps over something high up (and not whack ourself in the face with the buckle)
(02:23) – Using a strap extension for high/permanent installation
(02:46) – Ryan’s mad Boy Scout knot-tying skillz
(04:26) – 🔑 Threading the Strap and Buckle correctly
(06:19) – Installing a permanent rings ring from your ceiling
(07:14) – Adjusting your rings for training
(07:58) – What to do with excess straps so they don’t get in the way
(09:29) – Ring height – how to get your rings even
(11:07) – How wide should the rings be?
(11:47) – ⚠️ most people forget to check this
(12:07) – How much clearance do I need to train on rings?
(12:34) – Short vs Long Straps
(13:27) – What to do about rings or straps rubbing on your ams / bruising
(13:44) – Rings tips and workouts 👉

Rings are great, and once you’re used to using them, they’re easy and flexible to set up. But if there’s some important things you should know to make sure you’re using them safely and correctly. This video covers all that, as well as some little-known details I picked up using these things almost daily since around 2008ish.

If you’ve read this far, I’ve got a favor to ask: go do something nice for somebody today. Thanks!

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