How to Master the Most Important Gymnastic Rings Exercise

Here’s the most important exercise if you’re adding gymnastic rings to your training.

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0:00 – Here’s the move!
0:05 – The benefits of the Top Position hold
1:06 – How some coaches teach top position
1:45 – Common Top Position mistakes
2:36 – How to make sure you don’t screw it up
3:24 – Getting into the proper position
3:54 – How to train the Top Position
8:32 – The finisher!
10:35 – Q&A Time

The Top Position should be the first rings exercise to master because it is something you will ALWAYS return to when you’re above the rings performing Muscle Ups, holding an L-sit, or transitioning into and out of a Bent Arm Stand.

It builds tendon strength (and general straight arm strength) that will help with any other movement where you are locking out your arms like back levers and even other movements off of the rings like push-ups, handstands, and planches.

This video covers everything you need to train the Top Position in a safe and efficient manner.

We really hope you found this video useful.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions at all an we’ll do our best to help.

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