The Greatest Secret About Push-Ups 🤫

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The greatest secret about push-ups is using rings..

1 – Stabilisers
The rings move freely in all directions. This push-up environment targets the rotator cuff much better. Training the small stabilisers will boost your upper body strength.

2 – Muscle
A slower tempo is needed for ring push-ups. Thanks to the instability, we have to control the negative. This built in time under tension is better for muscle growth. The chest contraction is enhanced by the stretch and squeeze. The triceps are truly activated with the straight arm lockout.

3 – Injury
Ring push-ups benefit from rotation. The wrists and shoulders can move freely. Our posture adjusts naturally for a comfortable technique. This feels better on the connective tissues with less irritation.

4 – Variety
There are plenty of push-up progressions. Rings will take your gains to the next level. Enjoy pain free strength and plenty of muscle gain.

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