The Smartest Way To Get Stronger | FitnessFAQs Podcast #15 – Alpha Destiny

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This conversation is a podcast between @AlphaDestiny and FitnessFAQs. We talk about the smartest way to get stronger for natural bodybuilding. You will learn about combining powerlifting and calisthenics principles. We talk about program design, muscle growth and much more.

00:00 Epic montage
00:35 What is Alpha Destiny?
3:30 What is sustainable?
4:50 Programming
6:43 When is variety good?
8:55 How much volume?
14:46 What to write down?
19:32 How to maintain strength?
23:06 Training abs worthwhile?
26:32 Neck training
31:41 Avoiding injury
39:28 Excuses for weak people
41:02 Realistic progression rates
45:13 Genetic limits?
49:08 Full body training?
53:22 Program hopping is bad
56:40 When to deload?
59:55 What is bad technique?
1:03:36 Are cheat reps okay?
1:05:33 Learn stimulus to fatigue
1:10:47 Weighted calisthenics
1:14:47 Isolation benefits
1:16:56 Calisthenics and weights
1:25:46 Muscle imbalances?
1:27:11 Advice to younger self
1:28:48 Fitness myth busted

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